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Why is digital business card is the future


We’ve all been there. You’re at a conference, and you have no idea who that person is that just walked up to you. You exchange business cards, and then the other person takes their phone out of their pocket, opens an app, types in your name and number (or maybe even scans your card), and then they send you a text message with their contact information. What? How frustrating! The reason we do this is because it’s easier than having to memorize someone’s name when we meet them for the first time or type it into our phones manually. But what if there were another way? What if we could just save ourselves from having to deal with all this nonsense? Well now there is: Tapping digital business cards are here!

Save time

Digital business cards are a time saver.

When you have a digital business card, you don’t need to spend extra time typing out your phone numbers and email addresses. You can just tap the card or scan the QR-code it into your phone and be done with it! You also don’t need to worry about misplacing your card because all of the information is stored on a secure website. If you ever lose your digital business card, you can remove all data from it by going in to the Tapping app.

Digital business cards are also easier to share with people. You don’t have to worry about handing someone a piece of paper that could get lost or damaged in the process. With a digital card, Tap or scanning the QR code on a business card will take you directly to that person’s contact information.

The best part about digital business cards is that they are more eco-friendly. You won’t be wasting paper with these cards and you will also save money on printing costs.

Digital business cards are also more versatile. You can put your contact information on any device that has NFC or QR code reader, which means that you can share it with anyone!

Save trees

  • Save trees
  • Less paper waste
  • Save the environment

Don’t let the paper waste pile up in your home and work spaces. Reduce the number of items you use every day that are made from paper, like printer paper, envelopes and notepads. This can help save trees and other natural resources while also reducing pollution caused by manufacturing these products.

Depending on the size of your business, you can also try to reduce the amount of paper-based products you use by using electronic forms instead. For example, if your company uses a lot of invoices or purchase orders, consider switching to an online system that allows employees to send and receive these documents electronically.

Reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills. You can do this by recycling as much paper as possible and composting what’s left over. Recycling involves separating materials like paper, plastic, metal and glass from other garbage so they can be reused in new products. By recycling at least some of your company’s waste each day,

Better user experience

Digital business cards are the future of networking. They’re more convenient, better for the environment, and they provide a better user experience than traditional business cards.

Forget about printing out a stack of paper that you need to carry around with you everywhere. Or worrying about losing your physical card while at a networking event when all you had was an email address on it. Digital business cards offer the same benefits as their printed counterparts without any of those drawbacks! They’re always in your pocket (or purse), allow users to easily share information online with others and make sure everyone has access at all times – no matter if they forgot theirs or not!

Digital business cards make networking easier for both you and your contacts. They’re easy to share, customize and store all in one place. And because they’re digital, they can be shared instantly with anyone – no printing or cutting required!

If you’re still using traditional business cards, it’s time to make the switch. There are so many benefits of digital business cards that it makes no sense not to use them.

Acknowledge the convenience of internet, modern devices and the digital era

Be aware, the digital business card is here to stay. And not only that, but it’s more convenient than ever before.

As you may know, a traditional business card is made of paper and it takes some time to make one since you need to print on both sides of the paper, cut it into two and put them together with glue or tape. You also have to carry around an extra item with you all day long… who would want that?

With a digital business card, this process becomes easier and faster! It’s not necessary anymore to carry around a stack of paper business cards in your pocket or wallet because now we have our phones everywhere with us 24/7!

Digital business cards can be sent via email, text message or shared on social media platforms. They’re also easy to make and share with a click of a button! But what exactly is a digital business card? A digital business card is an electronic version of your printed one. It contains all the information that’s on your physical business card including your photo, name, email address, phone number and website address.

Digital business cards have many benefits over traditional business cards. They’re more convenient to make and share, they can be accessed anywhere you have internet access and they are eco-friendly since they don’t use any paper.

Digital business card is more convenient and better in every aspect.

Digital business card is more convenient and better in every aspect.

It is the future of business cards.

A digital business card leaves a good impression to your client.

It is a reliable way to connect with your client. It is more convenient than paper business cards and leaves a good impression on the client.

There are many ways to create a business card. But Tapping digital business card is the way to go!


Digital business card is the future because it offers convenience to users and can help businesses establish a stronger brand presence. It’s time for you to make the move from printed cards to digital ones!

This is your time to evolve with Tapping digital business card!

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