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5 Ways how to use Tapping digital business cards

Most people are familiar with the traditional paper business card. However, there is a new type of business card that is gaining popularity – the digital NFC business card. NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and is a technology that allows two devices to exchange data wirelessly when they are close together. Digital NFC business cards take advantage of this technology to allow people to exchange contact information simply by tapping their cards together.

Digital NFC business cards are a new and convenient way to share your contact information.

NFC, or near field communication, is a technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are close together.

With digital NFC business cards, you can tap your card on another person’s NFC-enabled device to share your contact information. This is a great way to exchange business cards without having to carrying around multiple paper business card.

5 Ways how to use Tapping digital business cards

While traditional business cards are slowly becoming a thing of the past

Digital NFC business cards are on the rise as a more efficient and practical way to exchange contact information. Here are 5 ways you can use NFC business cards to your advantage:

  1. Use them as digital business cards: With all of your contact information stored digitally on your card, you can save time and paper by exchanging digital business cards with others.
  2. Use them to make payments: NFC business cards can be linked to your PayPal or other online payment account, making it easy to pay for goods and services with a simple tap.
  3. Use them to access loyalty programs: If you have a loyalty program with a participating retailer, you can use your NFC business card to quickly and easily access your rewards.
  4. Use them to store important information: In addition to your contact information, you can also store important notes, documents, or even photos on your NFC business card.
  5. Use them to share your social media: If you want others to connect with you on social media, you can easily share your profile information by tapping your NFC business card.
  6. Use Tapping card to connect with someone you just met: If you meet someone you want to connect with but don’t have time to exchange business cards, you can simply tap your Tapping card to their phone. This will save their contact information directly to your phone.

Tapping business cards give you a chance to connect with people in a meaningful way that goes beyond the usual ‘here’s my card, goodbye’ routine. It enables you to say who you are, what you do and WHY you do it. It’s a like a digital business card and it’s 100 times better.

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